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Minimum salary legislation now also in Luxembourg

  • Servitir
  • 01/06/2017

Currently, the countries which have developed legislation relating to the posting of workers are: Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Norway. Now, Luxembourg is joining the list, which seems to be extending slowly throughout Europe.

The new legislation dealing with the minimum salary a professional driver circulating in this country should be earning, will be applied both in cabotage as well as international transport orginating in or with final destination of Luxembourg. The established salary is of 11.55€ per hour for a non-qualified driver, and 13.86€ per hour for a qualified driver.

In order to comply with this legislation, a company must:

  • Communicate the posting using the following link, which is licensed by Luxembourg’s Labour Inspectorate:  Here you must enter company information, information about the posted worker, expected duration of posting, and the designated legal representative in said country.
  • The legal representative designated by the company will need to store the following information:
    • A1 Social Security certificate
    • Certificate proving that the company is registered in Luxembourg for VAT recovery purposes.
    • Official documents recognizing the professional qualifications of posted workers
  • All documents must be translated into one of Luxembourg’s official languages: French or German
  • The minimum salary will be established by the collective convention of the corresponding sector.


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