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New Legislative Package promoted by the European Commission

  • Servitir
  • 14/06/2017

Among the measures which the European Commission proposes to simplify the recent legislations put into place in each country, are the following:

  • Cabotage depending on time instead of on operations
  • Not permitting hauliers to sleep in the cabin
  • More control over “letter box companies”, among other measures

One of the most burning topics, and a cause of great disagreement among the Commission, France and Germany, is the issue of cabotage of three days in international transport, which would affect the national minimum wage imposed by France a few years ago.
Other member states such as Ireland, say that this measure would prejudice the efficiency of transport companies. Portugal also considers the timeframe to be too short.

There will be stricter controls over “letter-box companies”, which seems to please all countries.
The Minister of Development, Iñigo de la Serna, has confirmed that the Spanish government intends to participate actively in the discussion and debate surrounding the New Legislative Package, with the aim to defend the interests of Spanish hauliers.
Two important measures which Spain is defending are:

  • Greater flexibility in driving and resting time, with the aim to increase resting time at home
Less administrative duties, i.e. reducing administrative work to only that which can be sufficiently justified, such as demanding that all vehicles, regardless of their size, that are being used for road haulage, have their relevant authorization.


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