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  • Servitir launches a new portal to simplify the procedures established by the Macron Law

Servitir launches a new portal to simplify the procedures established by the Macron Law

  • Servitir
  • 12/03/2018

In view of the growing demand for this service and the increased number of penalties imposed by the French government for non-compliance or irregularities in complying with the minimum wage provisions of the Macron Law, Servitir is offering its clients a way to save a lot of the hassle involved and has launched a new portal to guide and help you through the process. The portal also serves as a platform of communication with the legal representative in France.

With this portal Servitir hopes to meet all its clients’ needs for strict observance of the Macron Law. The portal lets users put together all the documents required by the French law and make them available to the France-based representative.

Penalties for non-compliance:

  • Not keeping the employment contract on board the vehicle: 450 euros.
  • Not keeping the certificate of posting on board the vehicle: 750 euros.
  • Not appointing a representative in France: 2000 euros, 4000 euros for every repeat offence.

What exactly is the Macron Law?

It’s the law introduced on 1 April 2016 by the French government to make sure every driver posted to France earns at least the French minimum wage.

The law makes it mandatory for companies posting drivers to French territory for international transport operations to or from France, including cabotage operations, to meet a number of requirements and make sure no transport employee gets paid less than the minimum wage set by the French law.

Requirements set by the French government

1. The transport company must register its drivers and obtain a certificate of posting for every one of them

2. Drivers must receive the monthly minimum wage established in France.

The company itself may update the documents to prove it meets this requirement and notify the French representative via the portal.

4.    Each driver must keep on board his vehicle all the documents showing the requirements of the French law are metThese documents must also be sent to the designated French representative.

You’ll always have your Macron Law documents available and safe on our portal. Plus through our alerts and notifications system you can keep track at all times of the documents received by your legal representative in France and those still unsent.

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