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  • Brexit – EU VAT Refund Update

Brexit – EU VAT Refund Update

  • Servitir
  • 11/02/2019

As you are well aware the Brexit deadline of 29th March 2019 is fast approaching, until now the UK government and the EU have yet to reach a formal agreement on the terms of the UK´s departure from the European Union.

What does this mean for EU VAT Recovery?

Essentially, whatever happens on the 29th March, UK businesses will be able to continue to recover VAT from all EU member states irrespective of the outcome on the 29th March.

Should an agreement be reached between both parties there will be no initial change to the current procedures that need to be followed under the current EU VAT Directive.

 No Deal – Impact

In the event that no deal is reached, the procedures for applying for VAT Refunds in the EU will change but UK businesses will still be fully eligible to recover VAT from all EU member states. There will be some procedural changes that Servitir will need to adhere to in relation to the procedures for submitting VAT, but these changes will have a minimal impact on you.

Servitir is fully prepared for every eventuality in relation to the Brexit process and with long established offices both in the UK and in Europe, Servitir has developed very strong relations with the VAT ministries in the UK and across Europe which will help ensure that the impact of Brexit is kept to a minimum in relation to your EU VAT claims and refunds.

2018 EU VAT Claims

As a precuationary measure to help avoid any potential delays with your EU VAT claims during the Brexit transition at the end of March, Servitir is recommending to all UK clients to prepare and send all 2018 VAT invoices and tickets as a priority so that claims can be presented before the end of February 2019, well in advance of the March 29th Brexit deadline.

Please forward all 2018 invoices and tickets to the address below at your earliest conveience:


11b Windmill Way West

Ramparts Business Park

Berwick upon Tweed


TD15 1TB

Should you have any doubts or questions in relation to your EU VAT refunds and the impact of Brexit on your claims, please contact Customer Services.


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