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  • Compulsory divergence of lorries on the N-1

Compulsory divergence of lorries on the N-1

  • Servitir
  • 21/09/2017

The section between Burgos and Miranda del Ebro on the N-1 has one of the highest accident rates in all of Spain. On 12th September, a platform for those who have been affected by this dangerous stretch, carried out a mobilization in memory of the five people who tragically lost their lives on this motorway on 5th September. 
This platform also condemns the fact that the only options to travel from Burgos to Miranda de Ebro are either to pay the tolls on the AP-1 or “risk your life” on the National 1 “on a section where the motorway does not split, and which is transited daily by 5000 lorries”

The government is proposing the following rebates:

  • 75% rebate on tolls which diverge on to the AP-68
  • 42.5% rebate on the divergence to the AP-7 for lorries “in transit” and 50% for those carrying out “local displacements”

Other lorry divergences on Spanish motorways occur in:

  • Catalonia: divergence on several sections of the N-340 towards the AP-7, as from January 2018
  • La Rioja: on the N-232


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