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  • France announces once again a new road freight tax

France announces once again a new road freight tax

  • Servitir
  • 01/02/2018

This measure has been announced by the French Transport Minister and will entail the payment of a new tax for all lorries which pass through French territory, a move which will particularly affect Spanish hauliers for whom for obvious geographical reasons, France is unavoidable when carrying out international road transport.  
We are also reminded of the 2013 attempt to introduce the “ecotax” which eventually did not go ahead because of the organized protests and widespread rejection by French hauliers.
The Spanish Confederation for the Transport of Merchandise (CETM) are completely opposed to this measure, since this new tax “would have immediate negative effects on Spanish freight transport because everyday more than 20,000 lorries cross the French frontier at Irun and La Junquera loaded with Spanish produce (fruits, vegetables, automotive components, paper, textiles, chemicals, etc) destined to several European markets, and whose sales would be heavily affected by this extra charge, considering that passage through France is compulsory.”.  
This measure will be presented to the French parliament in Spring. We will keep you informed of any news and developments.


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