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  • Germany will no longer allow drivers to spend the night in their cabins

Germany will no longer allow drivers to spend the night in their cabins

  • Servitir
  • 29/08/2017

Up until now, the European regulation allowed drivers to spend reduced resting times inside vehicles equipped with a driver’s bunk.
Recently however, Germany has approved a law which, similarly to France, does not allow weekly resting times to be spent within the lorry, considering these to be undignified conditions for a driver.
The Attorney General of the European Tribunal issued a report last February confirming the legitimacy of this legislation and its compatibility with European law: Regulation 561/2006 which dictates the driving and resting times of professional chauffeurs and authorizes them to spend reduced resting times (i.e. those which are less than 48 hours carried out while in transit) on board the vehicle “as long as it is parked and adequately equipped for the rest of each driver”.
Therefore, although both laws appear contradictory, the regulations approved by France and Germany remain in place.
The following fines are imposed for not complying with this law in Germany:

  • From 60 up to 500 € for the drivers
  • From 180 up to 1,500 € for businesses.


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