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  • Latest steps to ban lorries from the N-232

Latest steps to ban lorries from the N-232

  • Servitir
  • 18/12/2017

The Cabinet has approved the diversion of HGVs (with four or more axes) from the N-232 between Zambrana and Tudela, forcing them to use the AP-68 toll motorway. The toll tariff will be eligible for a 75% rebate for internal movements which use the Via-T system for payment, and a rebate of 71.25% for those vehicles which already circulate through this motorway and other internal movements carried out without the Via-T device.
The main aim is to reduce the accident rate o this motorway. However, Fenadismer has reinforced its opposition of this policy which completely prohibits the circulation of lorries on national highways, because this supposes that road-freight transport is solely responsible for potential accidents which occur on motorways, which is completely ambiguous according to road accident statistics published annually by the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic).
According to Francisco Javier Arnedo Rubio, president of the Spanish Confederation of Road-Freight Transport in La Rioja: “It is true that the N-232 poses a serious problem for our region, but banning the circulation of lorries is not the solution. Hence, the Spanish Confederation for the Transport of Merchandise (CETM) in La Rioja must continue showing total and complete opposition to the possibility of a compulsory divergence of heavy traffic from the N-232 to the AP-68.”
Although comparisons are often rather unfortunate, one cannot overlook the fact that La Rioja is the only autonomous community lacking a free motorway which crosses through and communicates its territory in a secure manner. Forcing heavy traffic to transit through an excessively expensive motorway is to tie a region to the past without considering efficiency, practicality and speed as essential to the business world of today.
The N-232 requires investment and planning to allow the region to catch up with the level of infrastructure enjoyed by other communities. It also calls for better maintenance and, above all, caution on the part of all its users.


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