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  • Many of your company’s costs in Europe are eligible for VAT recovery

Many of your company’s costs in Europe are eligible for VAT recovery

  • Servitir
  • 30/08/2017

Are you sure that you are recovering European taxes on all the eligible costs that your firm generates?

At Servitir, we provide an up-to-date table indicating which costs can be recovered from which European countries. This table can change subject to each country’s legislations.
Servitir periodically updates this table with all the costs related to the transport sector which are recoverable in Europe.

In France, for example, apart from invoices for tolls, fuel and ferries, carriers can also recover tax on restaurant meals, costs relating to participation in fairs and exhibitions, telecommunication costs, lorry repairs, marketing costs, office material, training or consulting courses, vehicle hire and vehicle cleaning.

Please do not hesitate to send us any invoices or tickets related to these costs, and our department specializing in tax recovery will be sure to recover your money, in record time!


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