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  • Spain’s position on Macron Law which is now in place in 9 central European Countries

Spain’s position on Macron Law which is now in place in 9 central European Countries

  • Servitir
  • 09/08/2017

Nine European countries have signed an agreement to fight against what is known as “social dumping”, “letter-box companies” and undercutting of transport cost prices, but Spain has so far resisted joining.
In general, Fomento is opposed to certain measures which are embedded into the protectionist policy adopted by the participating countries, such as counting on a legal representative or demanding accreditation of data (such as driver’s salary, higher than the minimum wage in the country of destination) which would suppose limits on the conditions of services.
The Directorate General of Land Transport has explained that “Spain is not against the introduction of measures which will protect the social rights of workers in general, and of professional drivers in particular. Nonetheless, we consider that the establishment of a minimum salary or other conditions must be carried out in a homogenous way throughout the European Union”.
Countries which have signed the “Motorway Alliance” are France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway (the only country that does not belong to the EU) and Sweden. Their objective is to promote measures which guarantee the rights of drivers to have a fair balance between their professional and private lives, strengthen controls across motorways to penalize those who do not obey the law and identify and investigate “letter-box companies” as well as cases of tachograph fraud. Ultimately, to defend a common position to guarantee a controlled development of the market.  


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