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  • The reason behind the lack of drivers

The reason behind the lack of drivers

  • Servitir
  • 21/11/2017

It seems that there has been a resurgence in demand for lorry drivers and other personnel for the logistics sector, as a result of an increase in electronic commerce.
The official figures from the transport sector, according to the Ministry of Development’s Transport Observatory, show that there are a total of 312,600 drivers employed in this sector.
By looking at the tables drawn up by the Public Service of State Employment, the statistics show that during the month of August, 106,310 new contracts were signed in the generic transport sector, a 15% increase from the previous month.
Despite this data and the official figures showing that transport activity in Spain is on the rise, firms who begin to demand drivers are having difficulty in finding these. In the words of Emilio Cardero, federal secretary of the Urban and Road Sector of the UGT trade union, “there are no drivers when it is badly paid”, we are seeing in the area of the Levant a type of “natural selection” between companies: if in certain companies the wages are good, all drivers flock to these.
Another problem is the lack of experience and training in this sector. Jose Javier Fernandez , managing director of Mercavia Retamar, assures that “we always look for people with experience, but we have reached a point where we have one of our drivers teaching the novices and we incentivize them to do this”
In Murcia concretely, a plan is being put into place to cover driving vacancies. Despite the large percentage of transport firms in the Region of Murcia (many of which are dedicated to refrigerated transport and exports of fruit and vegetables), there is a lack of drivers which the Administration is aiming to remedy through collaboration agreements.
To this end, the plan is to carry out courses for those drivers and warehouse staff who are unemployed, offering practical training and guaranteeing a percentage of employment within firms.


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